Let’s talk valve

Functioning and reliable valves are essential for everyone. Which is achievable as long as designer select the right (type, material,etc.) valve for its application, manufacturer applies correct manufacturing process and perform inspection accordingly as per standards, and end-user operate the valve wisely.

As one of the oldest man-made mechanical component, it is unfortunate that frequent valves failure which sometimes lead to environmental and fatality incidents still occurs in modern history. Often due to negligence of understanding simplest valves’ attributes.

This website is intended to share my valve knowledge for everyone. Even though far from perfect and complete, I hope you can make the best use of it. I am also open for any constructive input from other valves practitioner.

Hi there! I am a valve enthusiast. It has been a privilege to learn from the best people and companies in this industries. With a combination of past experiences at a manufacturer and service company, to add my current role as an end user, has led me to believe that there is a solution to all valve challenges.
To this day, within the oil and gas industry, I have been exposed to both upstream and downstream, including offshore assignments, petrochemical refinery, food industry and water treatment plants. In terms of valve categories, I am familiar with the commissioning, maintenance, and operation of safety valves, control valves and manual valves.

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