Flow coefficient (Cv or Kv) value

Flow coefficient normally expressed as Cv or Kv depending on the countries. It is used to determine the appropriate sizing of the valve as well as evaluating the flow kinetic energy in regards with process and piping integrity

Cv is volume (in US gallons) of water at 60°F that will flow per minute through a valve with a pressure drop of 1 psi across the valve.

Kv is the same definition of flow passing through valve with in accordance with pressure drop. However flow is expressed in units of cubic meters per hour, and the pressure in bar

Some flow coefficient data taken from various On/off valve manufacturers’ sources are follow

Disclaimer: information below is indicative only since manufacturer reserve the right to amend it without notice

a. Butterfly valve (Triple offset)

Butterfly triple offset flow coefficient

b. Gate valve
Gate valve
c. Globe valve

Globe valve

d. Ball valve floating type for Reduce and Full bore

Ball valve (Reduce and Full Bore)


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